Applications Core Expertise

Assembly, Welding & Testing Applications

Assembly Applications

  • LTS & Transfer Lines
  • Robotic Systems
  • Dial-Turn Tables
  • Semi-Automatic Stations
  • Handling & Packaging Systems

The best of LEAN Manufacturing:

  • Optimized Width
  • Smart Safety Guarding
  • Smart E-panel and HMI
  • Smart Free-Tool
  • Tall/Short Smart solutions

Testing Applications

Functional Testing

  • Data acquisition – measurement and analysis of signals:
    • Travel & Effort
    • Torque and Angle
    • Acceleration and Impact
    • Load (Tensile, compression, shear)
    • Flow, pressure, temperature


Vibration Testing

  • Vibration & Sound Analysis
  • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)

Vision Testing

  • Inspection
  • Measurement & gauging
  • Pattern recognition
  • Part orientation
  • Color Detection
  • Optical Character Recognition

Leak Testing

  • Helium (MSHLD)
  • Pressure/Vacuum Decay
  • Mass/Volumetric Flow
  • Flow and Pressure analysis

Controller Area Network (CAN)

  • CAN – Vehicle bus for ECU controllers
  • CAN Communication Protocols:
    • J1850 VPWM (GM Class II)
    • GMLAN – SWCAN with implementation of USDT and UUDT

Welding applications

Whether it’s a Mig or Spot welding cell, fully-automated LEAN cell, or just a basic welding fixture, we can do it all!

Implementing a resistance welding process? Single point? Multi-point? Fully-automated cell? Lean station? We can help!